The HR Architects is a small hr consultancy firm, focusing on helping organizations to improve the impact of hr management.

Our beliefs:

•Many organizations are not using the opportunities current trends are making possible;

•Many organizations want to do too much in the area of people/ people management,
  and by not making clear choices the impact of the hr interventions is not big enough;

•The potential of many people in and around organizations could be much better fulfilled;

•Organizations can be more fun, exciting and effective.

The HR Architects like to design and implement innovative solutions in the domain of people in organizations,

with clients who want to make a difference by being unique, and not necessarily by copying what others are doing.

If you want more information, please contact:

Tom Haak | Director

The HR Architects | Kersbergenlaan 4 | 3703 AN Zeist | Netherlands

+31308778473 | |